ZM Technologies manufactures uniquely engineered and OEM replacement Mechanical Seals

For over 15 years, ZM Technologies has taken good ideas and made them better.  All of our products follow the “Keep It Simple” principle.

OEM replacement Mechanical Seals – Sanitary Process

ZM Technologies engineered, no flush needed, seals to fit

  • Waukesha® U1 & U2 Pumps.
  • Waukesha® OEM replacement seals to fit U1 & U2 pumps.
  • Double and single seals to fit Waukesha® 320 and 323 pumps.
  • Waterless (no flush needed) cartridge seals to fit Tri-Clover® C-Series pumps.
  • OEM Tri-Clover® seals with competitive pricing.
  • OEM Fristam® seals to fit all centrifugal pumps
  • ZM Technologies engineered, single and double seals to fit Fristam® FP, FP, and FPR Pumps.
  • APV pump OEM replacement seals.
  • OEM replacement seals for Alfa-Laval centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.

Alfa Laval Seals

Fristam Seals

T-218 Seals

Waukesha Seals

ZM Technologies’ Mechanical Seals – ANSI Process cartridge seals for the Chemical and the Pulp & Paper Industries

  • ZA Cartridge Seal: a Front Loading cartridge seal, which eliminates the stuffing box, for ANSI style pumps.
  • ZN Cartridge Seal: a cartridge seal that bolts outside the stuffing box, for centrifugal pumps.
  • ZND Cartridge Seal: a double cartridge seals that bolts to the stuffing box for centrifugal pumps.
  • Mixer Seals.
  • Rotary Unions with axial movement.

ZA Cartridge Seals

ZN Cartridge Seals

ZND Cartridge Seals

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