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ZM Technologies offers the most complete line of sanitary centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps and diaphragm pumps in the industry.   We provide pumps for the sanitary, marine and industrial markets throughout the United States.   ZM Technologies has engineered many innovative and highly engineered advancements, many standard material up-grades, and have the best delivery times in the industry.

Significant material upgrades are included in our competitive pricing, including a stainless steel frame adaptors.   ZM Technologies has a large inventory supply to ensure prompt deliveries; standard pumps are built and shipped within 1-2 days of ordering.   All pumps are tested to customer specifications prior to shipment. All of our pumps are manufactured in the United States.

Sanitary Progressive Cavity pumps are used mostly for food processing, beverage processing, dairy processing, CIP solution,  and candy processing.

Industrial Progressive Cavity pumps are used mostly for wastewater, sludge, metering, and high soilds processing.

CS Series Food Pumps

SEEPEX food pumps are used in the pharmaceutical, food, dairy, cosmetic, and chemical industries or wherever a clean, sterile and hygienic atmosphere is needed. They comply with the most stringent hygiene regulations like FDA, 3-A Sanitary Standards and EHEDG and are also maintenance-friendly.

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Ampco SP pump

N Series Industrial Pumps

Product group N pumps are the working-class pump for SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps. They are used in almost all industrial sectors and convey low to high viscous materials, with or without solids. Those benefits, along with others, like inexpensive pump and parts, ensure the pump’s economical operation.

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D Series Metering Pumps

The SEEPEX D Series metering pumps achieves a metering accuracy of ±1%. They’re used wherever low to highly viscous media, media containing solids, and chemically corrosive media are processed and all with low pulsation and to the exact drop.

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FP FPX Fristam Pump
Ampco LH Pump


The SEEPEX SCT pump is a smart choice due to its quick maintenance and easy handling during dismantling and reassembly.  The SCT unique design uses an integrated tensioning device that extends rotor and stator life by up to 85%.  The spilt stator feature reduces maintenance time by up to 85%.  These two features combine to increase productivity due to less maintenance downtime.

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The SEEPEX T series pump is an open hopper and auger feed screw fed pump.  It is adjustable for each processing task giving the pump optimum product handling.  Easy maintenance due to quick access to the joints and pug-in connection.

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