ZMT Repair Services

ZM Technologies offers a comprehensive repair service for Sanitary Pumps, Industrial Pumps, and Mechanical Seals. We provide exceptional sales support and turnaround times for both standard and critical response times.

For more information please contact one of our service professionals and let us show you how we exceed your expectations!

On-Site Mechanical Seal Repair

ZM Technologies Mechanical Seal Repair Department at our Stockton, CA Facility.

On-Site Mechanical Seal Repair

ZM Technologies Mechanical Seal Lapping Department at our Stockton, CA Facility.

Mechanical Seal Repair

ZM Technologies offers Seal Repair for a fraction of the cost of replacing with new seals. We repair Single Spring, Single Mechanical, Double Mechanical, Cartridge Seals, Mixer Seals, Scrape Surface Heat Exchangers, and a variety of other mechanical seals.  We offer a quick turnaround time for repairs in our modern seal repair facility to help you keep up with the maintenance of your equipment..

ZM Technologies repairs the following types of Seals

  • AES
  • Alva- Laval
  • APV
  • Burgman
  • Cherry-Burrell
  • Chesterton
  • Contherm
  • Durametallic®
  • EPSI
  • EVO7
  • FBM
  • Five-Star
  • Flexiseal
  • Fristam®
  • G&H
  • Goulds
  • Hot Break
  • John Crane
  • Lighting Mixer
  • Tin Line Seals
  • Roten
  • Rossi
  • Rotary Steam Joint
  • Tri-Clover®
  • Vaughan Chopper
  • Votater
  • Waukesha®

And many others …

Please call us today if you have a nonstandard seal that you would like repaired, or If you’re interested in learning about options to extend seal life, and offer better seal performance. 

Call our Inside Sales Department today to learn about ZM Technologies Sanitary Seal & Pump Products. Or, contact us with your inquiry.

Remanufactured Pumps

ZM Technologies is a leading distributor of Ampco Pump Company, and leverage this partnership to offer Waukesha® Universal Series Style 1 & 2 pump repairs for the 006 to the 520 to bring your used Waukesha® pump back to its original performance & efficiency.  Universal 1 pumps can be remanufactured up to 5 times, and Universal 2 up to 3 times. We offer different remanufacturing options to fit your budget and requirements. All completely remanufactured pumps are performance tested and include a full one year warranty. Ampco Pump Company remanufacturing facility is located on the same property as ZM Technologies in Stockton, CA, or in Milwaukee, WI.

Learn about ZM Technologies’ Remanufactured Pump Solutions…

Remanufactured Waukesha Pump

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