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Filler Application Data Sheet

ZM Technologies manufactures products for the Sanitary Process Industry, sanitary mechanical seals and sanitary positive displacement and centrifugal pumps. Our Zero Maintenance™ products are designed by our philosophy to reduce downtime, increase equipment life, and decrease your maintenance costs.

We offer a variety of Sanitary Mechanical Seals, Alfa-Laval, APV, Fristam® (OEM and ZMT engineered), Tri-Clover® (OEM and ZMT engineered), and Waukesha® (OEM and ZMT engineered) for sanitary centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, and scraped surface heat exchangers.

ZMT manufactures and distributes many different single and double cartridge seals for Goulds, DurcoŽ, Cornell, Allis-Chalmers, Worthington, and many other Chemical Process, ANSI Process, and paper stock pumps.
These unique seals fit outside the pump stuffing box for better performance and longer life. The patented ZA, ZN, and ZND are engineered to provide higher reliability than the competition, while being less expensive to purchase and repair. ZMT seals provide the most value for the dollar.

We manufacture pumps Tri-Clover® C-Series, 3EH and 4EH, Waukesha® U1 pumps, and the next generation positive displacement pump, the ZMT Evolution.
Sanitary pump parts are avaiilable for the Tri-Clover® C-Series, 3EH and 4EH, and Waukesha® U1 and U2 pumps.
Sanitary pump repair is done for the Waukesha® U1 & U2. models Pump remanufacturing can be done to suit customer's requests. Upgrades are offered to increase pump life and durability.

ZM Technologies is a repesentative for food processing equipment manufacturers.
These manufactureres can handle all of your food processing equipment needs:

Asepsystems: A leading manufacturer in Aseptic Fillers, both automated bag and drum fillers. Aseptic Sterilizers, Pasteurizers, Evaporators, and Pulper/Refiners.

STV Machinery: An innovative manufacturer of Piston and Vacuum Fillers, Pasteurization Tunnels, Twist-off Cappers, and Metal Detectors.

Triowin Robotics: A manufacturer of quality Robotic Palletizers and package handling equipment.

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