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ZM Technologies is an industrial manufacturer of products for maintaining rotary equipment. Our Zero Maintenance™ products are designed by our philosophy to reduce downtime, increase equipment life, and decrease your maintenance costs.

We sell Sanitary Mechanical Seals, Sanitary Pump Parts, and Sanitary Pump Repair for the Sanitary Process Industry. We stock seals and pump parts for FristamŽ, Sine, Tri-CloverŽ, Waukesha®pumps.

Waukesha® Pump rebuilds can be done to suit the customer's requests. Upgrades can be done during the repair to increase pump life and durability.

ZMT manufactures and distributes many different single and double cartridge seals for Goulds, DurcoŽ, Cornell, Allis-Chalmers, Worthington, and many other Chemical Process, ANSI Process, and paper stock pumps.

These unique seals fit outside the box for better performance and longer life. The patented ZA, ZN, and ZND are engineered to provide higher reliability than the competition, while being less expensive to purchase and repair. ZMT seals provide the most value for the dollar.

The ZMT pre-cut shims, our patented portable jack-bolt device, and our reduced shank alignment bolts can all be used to help you reduce time for alignment of rotary equipment.

Our Alignment products are designed to save you time and money.

The Equiprotector is an electronic device that uses your motor current to protect your equipment from running dry, empty, broken, or any hi or low current condition that would lead to extensive damage.

ZM Environmental Technologies
is a pioneer in wastewater treatment technology. Our innovative equipment can process wastewater for less per gallon than competitive systems, and even reduce the amount of wastewater discharged to the sewer.

Our Fourteen-2-Seven Treatment system uses Carbon Dioxide and either Sodium Hydroxide or Calcium Hydroxide to neutralize your effluent wastewater for less money than acid systems. The ZMET CRS can use either Ultrafiltration or Nanofiltration membrane technology to reclaim used Acid and/or Caustic for use over again. Our UF membrane system removes solids and will lower your BOD and COD levels. Both our UF membrane system for solids removal and CRS will reduce effluent discharge and allow for a usable sludge. Most systems will pay for themselves in less than two years.

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