• Cart or base mounting.
  • Supply and discharge pump.
  • Control packages.
  • Automatic feed.


  • Air operated hopper vibrator.
  • Electric hopper vibrator with control unit.
  • Hopper screen.
  •  Ball valves.
  • VFD control unit.

Dry Hops System

  • 3 Model sizes available DH90 / DH250 / DH400.
  • Everything needed for pellet induction.
  • All components are sanitary and CIPable.
  • A glass-top manway allows the use to see.


  • Better mixing means less raw material.
  • Through mixing means less processing time.
  • Less ClP time due to improved solution quality.
  • Design for different applications with same pump.


  • Inexpensive powder blender.
  • Uses SP liquid ring pump.
  • Powder control valve
  • Fluid control valve

Pump Carts

  • CB56 / AC+114 with NEMA 4X VFD
  • CB180 / AC+216 with NEMA 4X VFD
  • Other pump carts sizes available upon request.

SIMPLE Blend – The Inexpensive Blender

Fast, consistent, inexpensive blending is now available with our SIMPLE-Blend series. This inexpensive blender is designed to thoroughly and efficiently blend dry ingredients with liquid ingredients. Lumping, foaming, and fisheyes are eliminated.

SIMPLE-Blend – The Inexpensive way to blend

The SIMPLE-blend from Ampco is a lower cost option with a simplified design.  The system is designed to induce powders at a highly efficient rate with minimal shear. The Ampco SP Series pump powers this unit and the self-priming SP provides the suction for the induction process.  A typical application for the SIMPLE-blend unit would require little to no shear and induce easily dissolved products. 

Contact the factory regarding the details about applying and operating Powder Induction Equipment in your plant.

The SIMPLE-Blend delivers consistent blending with every batch.

SIMPLE-blend Features

  • Model SP Liquid Ring Pump
  • 304 Stainless Steel Base Material
  • 316L Wetted Parts
  • Motor Starter – NEMA 4X / VFD Upon Request
  • Stainless Steel Casters
  • Powder Control Valve
  • Fluid Control Valve

SIMPLE-blend Performance Overview

Models:  1-custom
Max Flow Rate:  210 GPM / 48 Mᵌ/hr
Max Powder Induction Rate:  300 lbs/min / 136 kg/min
Hopper Capacity: 3.4 ftᵌ / .10 mᵌ

Seal Specifications:  2 Seal Options

Powder Induction Products

Application Specification SHEAR-Blend POWDER-Max DRY-Blend SIMPLE-Blend
Ideal Operating Flow Rates (low viscosity) 50-510 gpm        (11-116 m3/hr) 30-210 gpm          (7-48 m3/hr) 40-150 gpm          (9-34 m3/hr) 30-210 gpm         (7-48 m3/hr)
Powder Feed Rates (highly soluable) Up to 150 lb./min. (68 kg/min.) Up to 300 lb./min. (136kg/min.) Up to 350 lb./min. (159 kg/min.) Up to 300 lb./min. (136kg/min.)
Maximum Viscosity 1,000 cPs 2,500 cPs 2,500 cPs 2,500 cPs
Dynamic Shearing Teeth Yes Yes No No


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