• Cart or base mounting.
  • Supply and discharge pump.
  • Control packages.
  • Automatic feed.


  • Air operated hopper vibrator.
  • Electric hopper vibrator with control unit.
  • Hopper screen.
  •  Ball valves.
  • VFD control unit.

Dry Hops System

  • 3 Model sizes available DH90 / DH250 / DH400.
  • Everything needed for pellet induction.
  • All components are sanitary and CIPable.
  • A glass-top manway allows the use to see.


  • Better mixing means less raw material.
  • Through mixing means less processing time.
  • Less ClP time due to improved solution quality.
  • Design for different applications with same pump.


  • Inexpensive powder blender.
  • Uses SP liquid ring pump.
  • Powder control valve
  • Fluid control valve

Pump Carts

  • CB56 / AC+114 with NEMA 4X VFD
  • CB180 / AC+216 with NEMA 4X VFD
  • Other pump carts sizes available upon request.

Rolec DH Dry Hops System

The ROLEC DH hops induction system, available in 2 model sizes DH90 / DH250, is a fully portable unit that contains everything necessary for dry hops induction. The ROLEC DH utilizes the SBI Shear Pump to simultaneously induce dry hops pellets directly into the stream of beer and recirculate a fermenter. The hops chamber holds pellets in an oxygen free pressurized environment using Carbon Dioxide. Pellets can be induced into fermenting, finished or crashed beer. The pellets are reduced to the proper size allowing the hops to settle during the holding period allowing for maximum exposure, aroma, and flavor profiles.


  • 3 Model sizes available DH90 / DH250 / DH400
  • A glass-top manway allows the user to ensure the pellets are moving
  • Gauges and sight glasses aid the user in monitoring induction and pressures
  • Everything needed for pellet induction is contained on the ROLEC DH
  • All components are sanitary and CIPable (no additional CIP pump is required)
  • The fully portable DH can be used on many fermenters and fits well in cramped cellars
  • Recirculation can be done as long as desired (ZM Technologies recommends 3-4 fermenter turnovers)
  • Improved aroma and flavor profile
* Functional design under license of ROLEC PROZESS- UND BRAUTECHNIK GMBH, GERMANY, United States Patent no. 8,875,616


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