ZM Technology offers a complete line of custom dry blending and powder mixing equipment. oUR complete line of blenders and mixers is designed to help you increase your processing efficiency, reduce processing time and minimize product waste by creating consistent batches of product time after time. These Specialty Products are custom built, highly engineered application solutions designed for your mixing and blending requirements. The AC+ Dry Blender and the PM Powder Mixer blends liquids and powders efficiently and consistently. The SB Series shear blenders are used in challenging applications for consistent quality blending. Additional custom offerings include motor starters and VFD’s. We work with you and our experienced application engineers to build the most efficient blending and mixing solution for your application.

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AC+ Dry Blender

AC+Dry BlenderFast, consistent blending is now available with our AC+ Dry Blender series. The AC+ Dry blender is designed to thoroughly and efficiently blend dry ingredients with liquid ingredients. Lumping, foaming and fisheyes are eliminated.


For more information on AC+ Dry Blender click here.

SB Series Blender

SBIR10-215-(35)-clipped-(2)-transMixing is becoming increasingly important in the widest variety of processes. Today’s products often comprise a magnitude of ingredients such as stabilizers, thickeners, gums, sugars and other additives. This offers a challenge in providing a consistent blend quality in the most efficient manner.

To meet this challenge ZM Technology offers three types of shear blenders that are based on the popular AMPCO LF platform. This means shared wear items for your pumps and easy piping solutions. The wide range of mechanical seal materials (single and double mechanical) and elastomers from the LF line are also available to fine tune the shear blender to the customer’s needs. For more information on SB Series Blender click here.

PM Powder Mixer

PM powder mixrBlend wet and dry ingredients together quickly and precisely with our PM Powder Mixer. The PM Powder Mixer saves time and money by providing optimal mixing consistency and reduced processing time. This Mixer is set in-line so there is no limit to the batch size.

ZM Technology can customize a powder mixer designed to specific applications further maximizing efficiency and providing a superior end-product. No lumps, reduced processing time, larger batches and fully customizable! For more information on PM Powder Mixer click here.

ROLEC DH Dry Hop Recirculate

Rolec DH Dry HopThe ROLEC DH units utilize the Ampco SBI pump to recirculate a fermenter and simultaneously induce hop pellets dry into the stream of beer. The pellets are held in a pressurized chamber, which is purged of air using carbon dioxide (CO2). Pellets can be induced into fermenting, finished, or crashed beer. The shear pump creates a differential pressure for induction of the pellets from the hop vessel. The pellets are chopped to just the right size so they can settle during the dry hop holding period.

The simplicity of the ROLEC DH means dry hopping just got easier. For more information on ROLEC DH Dry Hop Recirculate click here.

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