ZP3 Series Pumps 

ZM Technologies offers a remarkable positive displacement pump with the ZP3 Series. The patented front-loading seal design of the ZP3 offers a fully CIP-able pump without requiring any modification and without a loss of efficiency. The front loading design allows the seal to be easily maintained or changed and the newly designed rotor case eliminates all dead zones.


The ZP3 seal is designed to 3A standards and has passed the stringent EHEDG cleanability requirements.  In addition to being fully “clean in place”, this seal can be serviced without the need to remove the rotor body and piping.  Also, the front loading nature of the seal eliminates the “dead zone” in the shaft bore.  Existing ZP2 pumps (and competitors’ pumps) can be upgraded to the ZP3 design with new rotors, new seals and re-machining the existing rotor case.

Every ZP3 pump includes the following features as STANDARD:

  • 304 stainless steel gearcase.
  • Stainless splash plate reducing damage to bearings from water intrusion during the wash-down process (this is a major cause of bearing failure).
  • Stainless bearing retainers.
  • 17-4 PH shafts
  • Helical gears.
  • 4-way mounting
  • Threaded grease zerks
  • Anti-microbial lube and gasketed stainless steel clean-out plugs at no-charge.
  • The ZP3 Series is EHEDG Certified and in conformance with 3A sanitary standards and the ATEX directive.

Existing ZP2 and competing models can be upgraded to a ZP3 design with new rotors, seals and re-machining the existing rotor case in as little as 2 weeks.

Whether you simply want to replace your existing ZP1 / ZP2 style pump or you prefer to upgrade to Ampco’s new ZP3 design with improved CIP-ability and ease of maintenance, Ampco’s ZP Series is the smart choice.

The ZP3 Series includes these exciting features:

  • Front-loading seals are located closer to the product flow, offering improved CIP-ability with no disassembly required.
  • Front-loading seals allow for ease of maintenance and reduced service time.
  • As opposed to our competitors’ similar pumps, this seal is a better balanced design which generates less heat and promotes longer seal life.
  • Cover design maximizes exposure of the cover o-ring to the CIP fluid.
  • Free drain design improves CIP-ability while maintaining maximum pump efficiency.
  • CIP holes in rotor ensure turbulent flow to the cover hub.
  • Elimination of dead zones in body bore improves cleanability and increases seal life.
  • The ZP3 pump is mounted on a ZP2 gear case, including shafts, to maximize parts interchangeability.
  • Existing ZP2 pumps (and our competitors’ similar pumps) can be upgraded to the ZP3 design with new rotors, new seals and re-machining the existing rotor case.
  • New pumps can be reconditioned 2 to 3 times.

Remanufacturing Program

ZM Technologies offers remanufacturing services for ZPl, ZP2, ZP3 Series pumps and competing models Universal 1 & 2. The pumps are rebuilt with oversized rotors to extend the useful life of the pump. A remanufactured pump includes new shafts, gears, bearings, rotors and a full one-year factory warranty. Pumps can be remanufactured in two weeks and are 30% less than the cost of a new pump.

Available Models

Pump Model Number Curves Data Sheet
ZP3-6 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-15 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-18 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-30 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-40 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-45 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-60 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-130 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-180 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-210 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-220 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-320 Curves Dimensions

Available Rectangle Flange Models

Pump Model Number Curves Data Sheet
ZP3-034 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-064 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-134 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-184 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-214 Curves Dimensions
ZP3-224 Curves Dimensions

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