ZP Series Positive Displacement Pumps


The ZP Series offers more standard features than the competition including a stainless steel gear case. ZP1 and ZP2 Series pumps and parts are 100% interchangeable with the competition’s Universal 1 & Universal 2 pumps.

The ZP1 / ZP2 Series set a new standard of value and quality within the market. The ZP3. The patented ZP3 Series is fully CIP-able without modifications and without loss of pump efficiency. The front-loading seal design allows the seal to be easily changed without removing the body and fittings. The patented ZP1 + Series, which is designed so O-ring seals can be changed without having to disconnect the pump from the piping system, was introduced to the marketplace. Both the ZP3 and ZP1 + set a new standard for sanitary processing.

The entire ZP Series offers quality, value, and proven performance.

ZP1 (Universal 1) Pump


ZM Technologies’ ZP1 Series pumps offer 100% parts interchangeablilty with competing Universal 1 pump plus the added value of innovative standard upgrades. like 304SS gear case,, fast delivery and outstanding customer service.

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ZM Technologies’ ZP2 Series pumps offer 100% parts interchangeability with competing brand Universal 2 pump plus the added value of intelligently designed standard upgrades, like 304SS gear case, fast delivery and outstanding customer service.

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The ZP3 sets a new standard in the positive displacement pump market. Ampco’s  patented  ZP3 design offers a front loading seal which eliminates dead zones and offers improved CIP-ability without any modifications.  Front loading seals also allow for ease of maintenance and reduced downtime.  The ZP3 fluid end is mounted on a ZP2 gearcase, including shafts, to maximize parts interchangeability.

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