ZM Technologies’ PE Pump Program provides sanitary pumps that are identical to new pumps; cosmetically and functionally. The body, cover and gear case are machined and polished back to new specifications, and all other components are replaced with new parts.
ZM Technologies PE pumps cost 25% less than a comparable new pump. By reusing the body, cover and gear case, material costs are greatly reduced.

The ZM Technologies PE Pump program is unique because we have the pumps fully machined, assembled and ready for immediate delivery. This program was designed to offer quality, convenience and value pricing. It will also benefit customers that need an immediate solution and can’t wait for a new pump to ship.

Remanufactured Waukesha Pump


  • 17-4 PH-1150 Shafts – Provides twice the tensile strength of 316 SS.
  • Stainless Steel Bearing Retainers – Prevents corrosion and enhances bearing protection.
  • Helical Gears – Increased load carrying capacity and reduced noise.
  • Powder Coat Paint – Better protection in a caustic environment and chip resistant.
  • Sealed Cleanout Plugs – protect and extend bearing life from water penetration.

During the PE Pump Remanufacturing Process, all parts are replaced with NEW parts!

  • We completely tear down the pump. All internal components; shafts, bearings, gears, spacers, seals, etc. are removed and replaced with new components.
  • We machine body and cover to standard oversized dimensions; +.020, .040, .060, .080.
    Body and Cover are polished back to their original 32 RA finish.
  • We machine new oversized rotors to bring back tolerances to match new pump performance/efficiency.
    Pumps are assembled to the same factory specified tolerances of a new pump. Pumps are assembled less seals/elastomers until Customer specifies option.
  • Pumps are 100% water-tested before shipment to assure flow requirements are met, as well as seal leakage. All pumps are sold with a one year full factory warranty – the same warranty as a new ZM Technology pump.

PE Pumps in stock and ready for immediate delivery

If you need to modify any of the pumps in inventory send us an inquiry and we’ll quote the best possible lead time and price. We can change the connections; shaft position or even a special clearance rotor. Pumps with a single-O-ring or single mechanical seal are shipped in two business days.

PE pumps are fully assembled, remanufactured pumps in Ampco’s inventory ready for quick shipment. No pump exchange required. The PE program is designed for those needing immediate delivery or customers demanding lower costs for a high-end premium pump. We maintain a large inventory of PE pumps, please check our website for current inventory.

Please Call ZM Technologies for current Ready To Ship inventory.

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