EH/EH+ Centrifugal Pumps

Not ALL EH-Series Pumps are Created Equal

ZM Technology’s EH/EH+ centrifugal pumps are perfectly suited for Food, Dairy, and Slurry applications.

  • EH / EH+ pumps are an economical solution to a wide range of sanitary pump applications. 
  • The unique EH+ models offer an improved shaft design and bearings are oil lubricated instead of gease.
  • Hydraulic characteristics and external dimensions of the EH/EH+ are the same as the Tri-Clover® EH Series. 
  • EH / EH+ pumps are in conformance with 3A sanitary standards.


  • Low Cost
  • EH/EH+ parts are 100% interchangeable with competing C-Series brands
  • 316L stainless steel construction, 17-4 PH shafts are standard
  • Optional NPT or flange connections
  • 1 – 2 week delivery
Model Number Curves 1750 Data Sheet
3EH 3 x 4 Curves 1750 Data Sheet
4EH 4 x 6 Curves 1750 Data Sheet


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