ZM Technologies offers the most complete line of sanitary centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps and diaphragm pumps in the industry. We provide pumps for the sanitary, marine and industrial markets throughout the United States. ZM Technologies has engineered many innovative and highly engineered advancements, many standard material up-grades, and have the best delivery times in the industry.

Significant material upgrades are included in our competitive pricing, including a stainless steel frame adaptors. ZM Technologies has a large inventory supply to ensure prompt deliveries; standard pumps are built and shipped within 1-2 days of ordering. All pumps are tested to customer specifications prior to shipment. All of our pumps are manufactured in the United States.

Sanitary centrifugal pumps are used mostly for food processing, beverage processing, dairy processing, CIP solution,  and candy processing.

Our pumps are interchangeable with competing pumps for ease of replacement.


AC / AC+ pumps are an economical solution to a wide range of sanitary pump applications. 

  • The AC+ models offer an improved shaft design comparable to more expensive pumps while maintaining the hydraulic characteristics and external dimensions of the traditional “C”-Series pump.
  • All AC pumps and part are interchangeable with “C”-Series pumps and parts.
  • All AC / AC+ pumps are in conformance with 3A sanitary standards..

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Triclover c-series
Ampco SP pump


ZM Technologies’ SP liquid ring pumps.

  • Offers self-priming capability making them ideally suited for CIP return applications and for handling products with entrained air. 
  • SP pumps include a 304 stainless steel adapter.
  • 100% interchangeable with competitor’s FZX pumps and parts
  • Priced competitively.
  • Conform with 3A sanitary standards.

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ZM Technologies’ LC/LD/LM/LF Series pumps offers heavy duty construction and high efficiency.

  • High effiicient design means low-cost use to meet all your sanitary centrifugal pump applications. 
  • All models include a 304 stainless steel adapter.
  • 100% interchangeable with competitor’s FPR, FP, and FPX pumps and parts
  • Conform with 3A sanitary standards.

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FP FPX Fristam Pump
Ampco LH Pump


ZM Technologies’ LH Series of high pressure centrifugal pumps.

  • Offer significant space savings and eliminate alignment problems.
  • Designed for maximum inlet pressure of 600 psi. 
  • LH pumps are close-coupled to premium efficiency JM motors to minimize space requirements, eliminate alignment issues and significantly reduce cost.

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ZM Technologies’ EH Series of high solids / sluury pressure centrifugal pumps.

  • Offers 2-vane impeller for pumping high solids without clogging.
  • Designed for reliable clog-free use. 
  • EH pumps are frame-mounted to improve relaibility and significantly reduce maintainence costs.

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