ZP2 Series Pumps

zp2ZM Technologies ZP2 Series pumps have been designed with a larger shaft and cleaner rotor nuts than the ZP1 which makes the ZP2 CIP-able. The ZP2 is capable of withstanding pressures of up to 450 PSI and is 3A Certified.

Every ZM Technologies ZP2 pump includes the following features as STANDARD: 304 stainless steel gear case, stainless splash plate reducing damage to bearings from water intrusion during the wash-down process (this is a major cause of bearing failure), stainless bearing retainers, 17-4ph shafts, helical gears, 4-way mounting, threaded grease zerks, anti-microbial lube and gasketed stainless steel clean-out plugs.

The ZP2, like the ZP1, is 100% part-for-part, hydraulically, and dimensionally interchangeable with the competition. Contact ZM Technologies application engineering team to find the right ZP Series pump for your application.

Remanufacturing Program

ZM Technologies offers remanufacturing services for ZPl, ZP2, ZP3 Series pumps and competing models. The pumps are rebuilt with oversized rotors to extend the useful life of the pump. A remanufactured pump includes new shafts, gears, bearings, rotors and a full one-year factory warranty. Pumps can be remanufactured in two weeks and are 30% less than the cost of a new pump.


ZP2 Maintenance Manual
ZP2 Bearing Protection Kit

ZP2 Pump Assembly Training



ZP2-6 Curves Dimensions
ZP2-15 Curves Dimensions
ZP2-18 Curves Dimensions
ZP2-30 Curves Dimensions
ZP2-40 Curves Dimensions
ZP2-45 Curves Dimensions
ZP2-60 Curves Dimensions
ZP2-130 Curves Dimensions
ZP2-180 Curves Dimensions
ZP2-210 Curves Dimensions
ZP2-220 Curves Dimensions
ZP2-320 Curves Dimensions



ZP2-034 Curves  Dimensions
ZP2-064 Curves  Dimensions
ZP2-134 Curves  Dimensions
ZP2-224 Curves  Dimensions


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