ZM Technologies manufactures and sells many different Centrifugal and Positive Displacement sanitary pumps, like the “C”-Series centrifugal pump (Tri-Clover® type) and the Circumferential Piston PD Pump (Waukesha® type).

waukesha partsOur repair facility is equipped to remanufacture all of these pumps to new O.E.M. tolerances.

Waukesha® Pump Parts

WRotor_onlyaukesha® Positve Displacement pump parts are sold for the U1 & U II pump models, from the 006 to the 523. Parts for the 5000 series of industrial pumps are sold from the 5040 to the 5080.

ZM Technologies offers several upgrades to the O.E.M. parts that make our pumps “Better than O.E.M.”.

All pump parts are made to exact O.E.M. dimensions and appearance. Parts are in stock and are readily available for immediate delivery.

  • Rotors for U1 & U2 Pumps: Materials offered: W88, 316L,and Nitronic 60.
  • Shafts for U1 & U2 Pumps: Materials offered: Solid 17-4 PH and 316L.
  • Rotor Nuts for U1 & U2 Pumps: Material offered: 316L and Nitronic 60.
  • Cover Wing Nuts for U1 & U2 pumps: Material offered: 316L.
  • Seal Sleeves for U1 Pumps: Materials offered: 316L and Zirconium.
  • Mechanical Seals for U1 & U2 Pumps: Materials offered: Solid SiC, Ceramic, and Carbon.
  • Waukesha pump partsSeal O-Rings for U1 & U2 Pumps: Materials offered: Buna, EPDM,.Silicone, Viton®, and other elastomers

Oil seals, mechanical seals of different configurations, cover O-rings, bearings, gears, bearing isolators can all be provided to suit your requirements. All parts made are guaranteed to be interchangeable with the O.E.M. parts.

Pump Customization

Many performance upgrades are available for Waukesha® U1 & U2 Pumps:

  • Oil Bath Conversion – Convert pump bearing housing to oil lube, instead of grease lube. This improves bearing life, which provides better pump wear and improved reliability.
  • ZMT Seal Conversion – Convert pump seals to the flushless, a rugged ZMT engineered seal.
  • Wearbility Upgrade – Convert pump to a hardened body with Z-Alloy rotors for up to 4 times better life .


Parts lists for ZD-U1 (Waukesha®) U, U2 and ZMT Evolution pumps.
Maintenance Manual for ZMT ZD-U1I and ZMT Evolution pumps.
Brochure for ZMT pump parts for Waukesha® Pumps.

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