ZM Technologies manufactures and sells many different Centrifugal and Positive Displacement sanitary pumps, like the “C”-Series centrifugal pump (Tri-Clover® type) and the Circumferential Piston PD Pump (Waukesha® type).

Our repair facility is equipped to remanufacture all of these pumps to new O.E.M. tolerances.

Sanitary Pump Parts

tc pumpWe offer all parts for the Tri-Clover® C, SP, 3EH, and 4EH series pumps.   ZM Technologies offers several upgrades that make our pumps “Better than O.E.M.”.

Complete pumps or parts can be purchased.

Most parts are in stock, or readily available.

 spr newZMT manufactures and distributes replicated parts for the Waukesha® UI and UII pumps.

All our parts are interchangeable and, meet, or exceed, O.E.M. specifications.

With over fifteen years in the market, ZMT is the most experienced O.E.M. replica parts manufacturer in the country. All our parts have a satisfaction guarantee or your money is returned. See Policy for details.  

Sanitary Pump Repair & Remanufacturing

spr oldWith over thirteen years experience in the sanitary pump repair business, ZM Technologies can usually remanufacture your Waukesha® Pump “Better than the O.E.M.”.  

All Universal I and Universal II pumps can be remanufactured to your specifications and requests. The repairs can include many options to improve pump wearability. Our pump remanufacturing program allows up to five rebuilds per pump, thus saving money over the life of the pump. Many different remanufacturing programs are available for your convenience.

The ZMT repair shop also has experience and parts are in stock to repair Sine pumps, Alfa-Laval, and APV positive displacement pumps.

Our shop can rebuild and test vacuum pumps, gear boxes, and most types of rotating equipment.

Order from our office or by filling out our Online Request Form, enter the factory part number or use the pump model number and part description.

Discover High Quality, Cost-Effective, Innovative Solutions at ZM Technologies!

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