ZN Single Cartridge Seal

We have all seen plenty of mechanical seals introduced to the market over the last few years. ZMT has introduced a conventional, yet unconventional, cartridge mechanical seal. The ZN cartridge seal is not a modification or a duplicate of any seal on the market. The ZN seal uses a unique approach to seal installation, operation, and repair.

Do mechanical seals belong in a pump stuffing box?
Do mechanical seals provide the best longevity inside an area meant for packing?

The ZN single seal takes advantage of our “Out of the Box Thinking“. Because the seal is bolted outside the stuffing box, the seal is better lubricated. The seal will now operate longer, and perform better in difficult applications. In addition, the ZN seal is easier to install, and less expensive to repair than any competitors’.

This unconventional approach to mechanical seals will provide cost savings from the purchase price, to longer seal operation, and finishes with a low cost of seal repair.

Questions about the ZMT ZN Pump Seals:

  • Does providing a seal with 6X more room for cooling and lubrication improve seal life?
  • Since most seals have a 1/32″ pathway between the seal faces and the pump stuffing box, which size pathway would provide the most lubrication to the seal face, a 1/32″ pathway or a ¼” pathway?
  • What would better lubrication do to your seal life?
  • All the little springs are eliminated, the seal sleeve is eliminated, the seal is re-configured for longer seal life; do all of these features add up to costing you more or lowering your costs?

The ZN Seal unique features are as follows:

  • Seal is bolted OUTSIDE the stuffing box, unlike other seals that are installed inside of the stuffing box. Larger clearances benefit you by better lubrication and better cooling, which equals longer life.
  • The seal design is simple in concept and simple to manufacture. The result is a seal that is inexpensive to buy and repair.
  • The ZN seal comes standard with a flushed gland. ZMT recommends, but does NOT require, a bypass flush to the pump discharge or suction. This standard feature gives the customer flexibility to use or not use a flush.

The ZN seal can easily be configured with a sleeve and/or a plain gland for many different applications (i.e. – vertical pumps, mixers).   

Standard pump stuffing boxes have little room for seals – as a result a seal runs HOT.
Remember . . . . . . . Heat Kills.


  • Hot oil,
  • sugar,
  • caustics,
  • slurry,
  • effluent sludge.

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