Do all double seals have to be alike?

Do double seals always need to use a lot of water?

ZND Pump Seals

ZND Cartridge Seals

The ZMT ZND double/tandem seal is the next generation double seal.

Unlike the competition, the ZND seal is designed to be universal in its use, to fit a broad range of applications, and be easily configured to any customer’s most difficult applications.ZND assembly image

The ZND seal concept uses interchangable inner cartridges, for ease of change in seal faces and

elastomer materials. The ZND seal’s engineered high design limits allow it to fit any application. This unique design allows for maximum customer flexibility in seal use and minimal inventory to solve the most difficult applications.

The ZMT ZND double/tandem seal is the next generation double seal, because the Inner Cartridge can be changed to do the following:

  • Repair is simple, convenient, and inexpensive. 
  • Four different Inner Cartridges to meet your needs:
    • Two Double/Tandem seals: ZND and the ZDT- shortened ZND seal.
    • Two Single seals: ZDN for common applications, and for high temperature applications the –  ZH seal.

ZND assembly exploded imageThe unique features are as follows:

  • Bi-directional pumping ring for better cooling and for an ultra-low flush, which dramatically reduces water consumption.
  • The least expensive tandem seal on the market. Even priced better than most double seals.   
  • Repair is inexpensive and easy, with the Inner Cartridge.
  • Convenient one-side flush connections.
  • True tandem design offers full redundancy. Outer seal can operate under full product pressure, up to 400 psi.

The ZND seal family is designed to operate cooler at higher pressures than the competition, typical operating temperatures are up to 400 deg. F., and up to 400 psi.

Consult the factory for the specifics of your application for a recommendation.

Remember . . . . . . . Heat Kills.


ZMT ZND Cartridge Seal drawing.
ZMT ZDT Cartridge Seal drawing.
ZMT ZH Cartridge Hot Seal drawing.
Seal Installation instructions for the ZMT ZND Cartridge Double Seal.
ZND Cartridge Seal Assembly Drawings & Bill of Materials.
Seal Application Data Sheet for new applications.terials.

Seal Application Data Sheet for new applications.

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