ZA Single Cartridge Seal

We have all seen plenty of mechanical seals introduced to the market over the last few years.. The result of our years of development and testing has led ZMT to introduce a truly new concept in cartridge mechanical seals. This patented cartridge seal is not a modification or a duplicate of any seal on the market. The ZA seal uses a unique approach to seal installation, operation, and repair.

Do mechanical seals belong in a pump stuffing box?

Do mechanical seals provide the best longevity inside an area meant for packing?

The ZA single seal, and the ZAD double seal, take advantage of a new stuffing box design. Because the stuffing box is replaced by a “Back-Plate”, the seal will now operate longer, perform better in difficult applications, is easier to install, and inexpensive to repair.

This unconventional approach to mechanical seals will provide cost savings from the purchase price, to longer seal operation, and finishes with a low cost of seal repair.

ZA Cartridge Seal

ZA Pump Seal Simple Questions:

  • Is it important for a seal design to provide plenty of room for cooling and lubrication?
  • Since most seals have a 1/32″ pathway between the seal faces and the pump stuffing box, which size pathway would provide the most lubrication to the seal face, a 1/32″ pathway or a ¼” pathway?
  • What would better lubrication do to your seal life?
  • Would you like a single seal that does not require a flush of any kind (i.e. – bypass or water flush)?

The ZA Seal unique features are as follows:  

  • Seal is installed through the front of the back plate, unlike other seals that bolt to the stuffing box. The benefits of the stuffing box redesign is a simpler installation (no longer need to remove the stuffing box to install or remove the seal), and more clearances for better lubrication and cooling.
  • The seal design is simple in concept and simple to manufacture. The result is a seal that is inexpensive to buy and repair. The ZA seal is simple and easy to repair.
  • The ZA seal uses a tapered gland. The taper causes a swirling action, or a vortex, that cleans the stationary dynamic o-ring, prevents product build-up, and prevents product build-up by constant product turbulence. This function provides better cooling and lubrication. The major benefit to this proven concept is better performance than any of the competition.

Standard pump stuffing boxes have little room for seals – as a result a seal runs HOT.
Remember . . . . . . . Heat Kills.


  • Paper stock,
  • black liquor,
  • green liquor,
  • sugar,
  • slurry,
  • effluent sludge.

For technical and performance specifications for the ZMT ZA seal, see image below:


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