The NOMAD NTG-80NE Neoprene TRANS-FLOTM 3″ Air-Operated, Double Diaphragm pump is a low cost, high quality double diaphragm pump. They are simple to maintain, with a simple, time proven design. Because of the focus on high quality design they are simple to maintain, with readily available replacement parts and fast delivery.

  • Flow rates indicated on the following chart were determined by pumping water.
  • For optimum life and performance, pumps should be specified so that daily operation parameters will fall in the center of the pump performance curve.
  • Example: To pump 530 lpm (140 gpm) against a discharge pressure headof 2.1 bar (30 psig) requires 4.1 bar (60 psig) and 136 Nm3/h (80 scfm) air consumption. (See dot on chart).
  • Caution: Do not exceed 8.6 bar (125 psig) air supply pressure.
  • Teflon Diaphragms: reduce flow by 25%.
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